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Celebrate the art of accurate separation and analysis with our Chromatography Brilliance

Chromatography is a powerful analytical technique that separates and analyzes complex mixtures, enabling precise identification and quantification of components, driving scientific discoveries, quality control, and research advancements across various industries.

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Acetone LR & AR

Pure and high-grade solvent for laboratory and industrial applications.

Methanol For Chromatography

Reliable solvent for accurate chromatographic applications and analyses.

Karl Fischer Reagent

Essential solution for precise moisture determination in various substances.

Acetic Acid For Chromatography

Versatile solvent for chromatographic applications and analytical techniques.

Acetonitrile For Chromatography

High-purity solvent for precise chromatographic separations and analyses.


Purified water for precise elemental analysis using ICP-OES techniques.

Water For HPLC

Ultra-pure water for high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) applications.

Hydrochloric Acid LR & AR

High-quality acid for laboratory use and industrial applications.

Sodium Hydroxide LR & AR

Reliable and pure sodium hydroxide for laboratory and industrial use.

Potassium Hydroxide LR & AR

High-grade Potassium Hydroxide for precise laboratory applications. 

Sulphuric Acid LR & AR

High-purity sulphuric acid for laboratory and industrial processes.

Product NameProduct COA
Acetonitrile For ChromatographyView Certificate
Methanol For ChromatographyView Certificate
Karl Fischer ReagentView Certificate
Acetic Acid For ChromatographyView Certificate
Acetone LR & ARView Certificate
Hydrochloric Acid LR & ARView Certificate
Water For HPLCView Certificate
Sodium Hydroxide LR & ARView Certificate
Potassium Hydroxide LR & ARView Certificate
Sulphuric Acid LR & ARView Certificate